NAN: Network for Advanced NMR

1.1GHz NMR technology for the US Research Community

NAN is supported through the NSF Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure-2 program, Award #1946970.

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NAN is a consortium among the Universities of Connecticut, Georgia, and Wisconsin to make access to high-field NMR instrumentation easier and more productive for applications in biomedicine, materials science, and chemistry. It is anchored by 1.1 GHz NMR spectrometers to be installed in Madison, WI (for solids) and Athens, GA (for liquids). An online portal ( based in Farmington, CT will facilitate resource discovery, access, and data stewardship. Knowledgebases developed for material science, structural biology, and metabolomics applications will be delivered to the community via the portal.


UConn Health Jeffrey C. Hoch (PI)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Katherine Henzler-Wildman (co-PI)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chad Rienstra (co-PI)

University of Georgia Arthur Edison (co-PI)